Guide Harry Blockman on his quest to put all the blocks in their place.  Where they belong.  On a block pad. 


Use the WASD controls to guide Blockman around the levels,  solving the puzzle to progress.  


Game is early access but the level workflow and engine are complete so levels and mechanics can easily be added over time,  with the final goal of an in game level editor so new puzzles can be created to keep Harry busy indefinitely!

In the mean time if your into making Sokoban / warehouse keeper puzzles  feel free to submit hand / computer drawn maps and I will see about adding them in.  If they get in the game I will hide a small reference (e.g. name or initials) somewhere in the level. 

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WASD doesn't work. Tested on firefox and Chrome under Windows XP.

Oh that's strange.  It possible your not getting focus on the window for some reason (I do know a few tricks for this), or otherwise there is an error being logged (if you know how it'd be great if you could pull up the console with right click and inspect and see if any red lines are getting logged on key down). Thanks for your feedback though, I will look into this. 

Confirmed the issue on firefox, thanks for the report. Is an issue with it not getting focus on the window in some occasions.  Patch coming shortly.

Issue seems amended in patch

Confirmed! tnx, lovely game :D

Thanks for confirming :D